Monday, January 5, 2009

During the festivities ... I noticed people dressing up so elegantly. The simpler the dress, the more vibrant the accessory. And they highlight the emotions of the person who dons it .. the happiness, the joy, the love. 

And I found this piece .... a piece that shows attitude. So loud yet so energetic and graceful. This piece in black and bronze brings out the best in you!

Going for RM 12 or GBP 2.30 for the earrings and RM 28 or GBP  5.30 for the necklace

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope all of you had a joyous and fun filled Christmas. Its the great season to spread your love, peace and warmth to all your friends and family (in fact you should do it all year round). Christmas brought about so many smiles, laughter and the special loving feeling in my heart! 

This time, I hit the mall on Christmas eve ... the time when everyone is in the mood of sharing and shopping. Amidst all the Xmas carols, I got them to reveal what is the best gift that they have bought that day!!

  • A pair of ear rings for my best gal pal. She'll love this silver dangling one. She likes big accessories.              --- Petrina Tan, 18---
  • I bought this patent leather bag from MNG. I just love it when I saw it ... matches with everything in my wardrobe. Its a present for myself.            ---Zuliana, 25---
  • A trinklet box. She can put her many rings, bracelets, ear rings and necklaces all in here and think of me!               --- Marcus, 17---
  • A body care set from Body Shop. I love their olive range. I'm having dinner with the girls later and a gift swap too. So I'm not sure who will get it.                   --- Michelle, 25---
  • My little girl gets this pair of Adidas sneakers ... she's the sporty type and will love it. My son asked for this pair of football boots.                  ---Diana, 39---

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beads galore!

Think of handicraft, think of Sarawak!
The land of the hornbills in Malaysia is famous for their artwork .. be it pottery, wood carving and especially accessories. Sarawakian women are always dressed in colours with bangles, necklaces and angklets ... for them, having more accessories is a sign of prosperity.

But for the rest of the world, having a piece of their artwork in a treasure. Famous for their colours, the Sarawakians make excellent beaded accesories. Just like this one ....

Going at RM 25 or GBP 4.20 (BN 025) SOLD

Monday, December 15, 2008

Big is best

We all love our faces ... whatever shape it may be, its our gift, compliments from our parents. And it is wise, to wear things that highlights them. We may wear chokers or turtle necks. But in places where the weather is too hot, what can we do? Accessorise of course!!

Tie your hair back in a pony tail and allow a big earring to highlight your face. Let down your long tresses and allow the glimmer in the earring to shine
through. Let the earring dangle down from your ears if you have a short do. 
Whatever style, these big charmers look excellent on you.

Going for RM 16 or GBP 2.8 (BE 024) SOLD

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dressing up for Christmas

Yes! The festive cheer is here. ... and there is only 1 thing on my mind ... well, a few actually!! There are the holidays, the carols, the presents, the sparkling tree, mistletoes ... and not to mention parties!!!

Don't we all love parties and dressing up & taking photos? Christmas is the time to really have a good time, so much so that it will be your conversation piece till June the next year. So how do you get ready for this merrylicious event?

  • Drink lots of water to get good skin (good for makeup)
  • Plan your dress/ outfit according to the weather in your country. Dress for comfort
  • Always bring a Santa hat for the festivities
  • Its good to put some body glitter, whether for your eyes or around your shoulders
  • Wear shiny accessories ... earrings or necklaces (but don't overdo it till you compete with the Christmas tree)
  • And smile ... its the most joyous occasion of the year

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wooden charm

There's no better way to highlight your face than wearing a good piece of art around your neck. For ages, people in asia have been stringing shells as necklaces, knocking into silver, weaving grass or even moulding clay beads. It was only later that they discovered carving beads out of wood .... and mind you, they make excellent jewelry. 

I have been hooked on anything wooden. It just shows the authenticity and natural beauty. So here's a wooden necklace with silver beading up for grabs. And a matching bracelet is thrown in for free too.

Price RM 14 or GBP 2.50 (WN 0125)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beach chic

Do you remember collecting sea shells as a kid? Well, now you can have them as accessories. And what a wonderful thing it is ..... to have nature around you. 

Wearing this piece of necklace, stringed with little shells makes you feel like an earth goddess! (don't worry .. they're clean .. the little fellas just migrated to a bigger home)

Going at RM 25 or GBP 6. (SN 0122)